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Out There

13 gennaio 2017 |

A long, original novella by Quentin S. Crisp.

With illustrations by Master Agostino Arrivabene.

An exclusive Mount Abraxas / Ex Occidente Press limited edition.

One of the most startling books of 2016? We think so.

Out among the stars, is where Jake would like to be, even if that means death. On a hiking trip up a Japanese mountain with his friend Sean, is where he is actually going, in an attempt to find
a famous-obscure temple from an old story. In the vital wilderness of the mountain slopes, Jake’s perceptions are affected. His gaze turns from the future to the past, from the past to the present, and from the present to something… out there.

A novella steeped in Japanese folklore, Out There is another of Quentin S. Crisp’s explorations of the relevance of traditional Japanese aesthetics in meeting the spiritual challenges of the modern age. Time passes differently in these pages. At some point, if you are lucky, you might find you have taken the wrong turning.

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